Volunteer Opportunity

Becoming a Money Master Kids Volunteer is a very exciting adventure!
Together we can make a greater impact on the lives of children around the world,
and we hope that this new journey will be an enjoyable and memorable one for you!
If you want to get involved as a volunteer, follow the instructions below.

Register to Become a Volunteer

I agree to all the MMK terms and rules and to follow them all.

Our vision and mission is to raise awareness for the importance of teaching kids financial responsibility and financial life skills for success early. We are committed to making a positive, tangible, measurable and everlasting impact in the lives of one billion children around the world in the area of money management and financial responsibility.

So we teach, educate, guide, motivate and empower children to become Money Master Kids as young as possible, one child at a time.Our children will NEVER learn how to take charge of their financial lives UNLESS they are TAUGHT from a young age. Their futures depend on what we teach to them TODAY, so we help our children, precious gifts and rewards from God.

• I agree to use the Money Master Kids materials (the works) with permission from the author, founder and creator. The misuse of the works is considered copyright infringement.
• I agree to be on time for all Zoom meetings or all other MMK-related events.
• I agree to use only kind and respectful language
• I agree to share all relevant information during the calls, state my views and ask genuine, relevant questions.
• I agree to keep my comments short, clear and to the point.
• I agree that differences in opinions make our group unique and dynamic; I am willing to work on solutions together.
• I agree to focus on interests, not positions.
• I agree to jointly and harmoniously design the next steps with other members.
• I agree to participate 100 percent and to stay in communication to create maximum value for the group.
• I agree to not disclose elements of the MMK program to outsiders.
• I agree to assist other people in following the ground rules.

I understand and accept all MMK ground rules. I promise to take full responsibility and accept the consequences of my actions with regard to the program.

A Money Master ambassador is an official envoy who represents us.
The number of ambassadors selected each year will be determined at the sole discretion of the founder and her team.
The Ambassador Award is given annually to up to five individuals. It is in recognition of their outstanding contributions to one or more of the following areas;

  • Volunteering for a minimum of 12 consecutive months
  • Increasing the awareness of the importance of teaching kids about financial responsibility around the world
  • Translating MMK books or other marketing materials into a foreign language
  • Getting sponsors for book printings
  • Organizing and conducting fundraising events
  • Getting publicity to promote the project
  • Teaching children in local schools or virtual classes
  • Hosting workshops and seminars for parents at schools or special events
  • Collaborating with influencers, community leaders to promote and implement the MMK program in your area

I understand and accept all MMK Ambassador rules. I promise to take full responsibility and accept the consequences of my actions with regard to the program.