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 Teach Kids About Money Early

Teaching kids about money is an important part of my job as a parent. One day, these children will be adults and out in the world. They need to know how money works. Honestly, I have seen one too many adults who do not understand this concept. I do not want my children buried under debt. Living within their means and being able to enjoy fun things like traveling is what I want for them. But how can we as parents explain and instruct them in the right way and wrong ways to treat money?

Luckily, we are not alone. Sunny Lee, author of “Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster?” has developed a proven system to teach children all about money. Where it comes from, saving, earning interest, and hidden costs. Also how saving a little bit every day helps us to reach our goals.

She approaches the issue of money by breaking it down in easy to understand concepts. Each of the 7 habits are written about in a way that not only will children gain knowledge and wisdom concerning money but adults will as well. I like that Sunny includes images and examples of what she uses for her boys within the chapters. You can find some of the charts as downloads on her site.

For more about the book, including games, videos, downloads, and more visit MoneyMasterKids.

I like these question segments. They are a great way to have a conversation with your children and to gauge just what they are learning through the process.



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