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 Hear What Our Customers Are Saying….

“I highly recommend this book. It is a Top 10 children’s finance book every parent must read. Get this book to help your children row up to be financially successful and responsible and to know how to earn, save, and invest money as well as contribute to others through their
abundance of prosperity and financial success.”

>Jack Canfield, Co-Author of The Success Principles™ and Chicken Soup for the Soul®<

“Sunny has such a passion for kids. This is just one of her many books about children. I am so impressed that everything she is about is quality and raising up kids who are strong and confident, so I really encourage you to check out her amazing work. It’s packed with solid nuts and bolts to teach kids financial responsibility.”

>Steve Harrison, Co-Owner of Bradley Communications<

“It’s a one amazing program for parents of every socio-economic class. Parents, you can wisely follow Sunny’s lead to teach your own children to become Money Masters, as they knowledgeably learn to earn, save, invest and spend. Jump on board and help your children on their journey to financial security and money know-how: not as Monsters – but as Masters.”

>Patsie McCandless, Author of Becoming Jesse<

Are We Liked? Absolutely!

“This book is literally one of the best parenting books I have ever read. Best parenting book I’ve ever read!!! Mrs Lee provides incredibly hands on examples of all she has personally done with her children. She tells of her experiences in detail and provides helpful tools throughout her writing. Forget all of the great self help PhDs on parenting!!! This mom has done it, done it well and written about her first hand experience. I love love love this book!!! If all parents parented this way, our nation would yield some of the sharpest and brightest minds we’ve ever seen. This should be standard curriculum in schools….but far better taught at home. 5 Stars to Mrs Lee!!! I’m ordering more of these books and will look forward to giving these to those closest to me who want hands on strategies to easily implement with their family”

>Ben Langhofer, Financial Advisor<

“Sunny nailed it!  She addresses a problem and creates a much needed solution for parents on how to help their children become money masters. Her healthy financial parenting habits are easy to follow and her emphasis on incorporating your children into the process is key! Whether you are a family of financial wealth or a family struggling to make it, these lessons will be your guide in helping your children have a positive perspective on money and the potential for a successful financial future.”

>Shannon Poach, PhD in Psychology<

“I wish my parents had taught me like this about money and how it works. A lot of parents realize that they need to teach their children better money management skills, but don’t know how. Sunny Lee’s book, Is Your Child A Money Master Or A Money Monster?, details how Sunny—a financial advisor and dedicated, funny mom—started teaching her twin sons about making, saving, and using money from the time they were only 2 years old by getting piggy banks and making paper wallets. Her creative, supportive, and motivating methods helped her sons not only understand and succeed with money, it simultaneously helped them become responsible and happy family members, leaders in their social groups, successful students, and generous church members. This book is an easy and fun read while showing you exactly how Sunny’s sons became money masters who earned their own money, understood the bite tax adds to purchases, and managed their bank accounts.”

>spturgon, Amazon Customer<

“In today’s world, parents are very busy today and often we don’t take the time to spend with our children to work on the things that will give them the skill sets they will need for their lifetime. Sunny’s book and reward chart materials can help you to structure time in a way that really works and is productive for your children around the money management.”

>Tricia Bennett, Author of 52 Practices for Finding Love and Changing Your Life<

“Sunny is not just teaching financial responsibility and discipline, but she is coming from a much deeper level of love to show how to teach discipline with love. Teaching financial discipline to children can only flow from that underlined discipline.”

>Amalananda Om, Author of Splendor of the Soul<

“The value that comes from teaching kids financial responsibility is something they can carry for their whole life. Start this program right away as soon as they are old enough to understand it. The earlier the better and the more consistent the better.”

>Melissa Lyons, Author of I will Always Love You; Always in My Heart<

“A critical issue we face in America is the training for our children to fully  develop to become responsible, dependable and happy. Happiness is a byproduct of how we operate and who we are. I certainly will share this book with my children so they can help their children because I believe it will help the whole person in addition to helping him become financially secure. I know that many people will not make the effort it will take to teach these truths to their children, but >William H. Cain, CEO/Financial Independence Group, Sep, 2016<

It is so important in this day and age to teach children the importance of working hard and saving money. So many people today have inherited this sense of entitlement, careless attitudes towards saving for retirement, and a misunderstanding of what living within your means is really all about. In Lee’s book, she employs such simple and useful techniques to teach children the importance of good finance in a fun and meaningful way. I love the thoughtfulness and passion that Sunny exudes in her writing and look forward to implementing these important fundamentals with my own children.”

>M Manley, Amazon Customer<

Here’s what our customers have to say…

“This is a very rare treasure. I didn’t even know that there was a book like this. This book can not only be a national bestseller but also an international bestseller. And I’ve attended many different seminars and workshops over the last 40 years but none of them was as inspiring as Sunny’s.”

>Mr. Reid from Pasadena, Oct, 2016<

Moms, dads, grandparents and other caregivers often wrestle with the best ways to teach the children in their lives about stewardship and financial responsibility. Sunny Lee is here to help! Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster? is a great tool to help adults translate the often complicated world of personal finance into a language that kids can understand and connect with. The author is a mother and financial adviser, so she has the perfect background (personal and professional) to help parents teach their children important life skills, like money management!”        

>Amazon Customer,Oct 2016 <

marissa“Such an important book for helping parents and caregivers teach their children financial responsibility and money management! Sunny Lee gives her expert (and personal as a mother herself) advice in an engaging way with a clear road-map!”

>Marissa DeCuir, President/JSK Communications,Oct 2016<

“This book is SO important! Money management is a skill you will use all your life, and it’s never too early to learn how to do it WELL. This book is a great resource for parents to open up that dialogue with their children and teach them to become money masters!!”

>Amazon Customer,Oct 2016<

“This is a wonderfully educational book in an area that often gets overlooked by parents. Teaching children to earn money and save is such a valuable lesson, and Sunny’s experience as both a financial advisor and a mother is very clear in her method for teaching.”

>Amazon Customer, Sep 2016<



“Your child’s future starts the day they are born.  Help them see the importance of living a life full of value, education and ambition. Do not put Sunny’s book down!”

>Erica L. Mccain, LUTCF/Author of Ladies With Loot, Sep 2016<

“The teachings and methods in this book is very practical and age appropriate. It is a very good read that puts a smile on my face as well as helping me to think about finance for my young children. We teach children many things and they learn many things from us. Why not teach them to have a right mindset about money at an early age so they can start off right? This book provides great advice on the right mindset about money for children to have and continue to have to be successful financially and as a person. Thank you for sharing these concepts, methods, examples, and ideas about money to parents and kids.”  

>Tom L, Goodreads Member, Oct 2016 <

“Smart! This topic is too often ignored in today’s world, but the value of teaching our kids about money and how to wisely spend it isn’t to be ignored–it’s a valuable life skill they need to learn to be effective adults in the world when they grow up. Love how this book reinforces that and gives you helpful tools to guide your kids on the right path!”

>Meredith, Customer, Oct 2016<

“This book will not only motivate and inspire you, it will also help YOU and your children become better organized. Jason and Matthew are so lucky (and blessed) to have parents like Sunny and Thomas who take the time to nourish their minds and wallets. This book is a must for anyone who wants to see their money grow.” 

>K. Basehart, Customer, Oct 2016<

“I was so engaged in Sunny’s book that I read it in two settings – I bought the book to give to my adult kids to read and hopefully apply the tips that Sunny shares with their kids, but what I got was so much more. I was encouraged by the program that Sunny has used to raise her own “money masters.” It’s more of a life program not just for kids, but for families. The practical tips on developing discipline and a goal oriented approach to daily living can benefit all of us! I was surprised at the depth of the program that Sunny lays out in her book, but she breaks it down into easy age appropriate steps. So whether your child is two or twelve, it’s never too late to create money masters versus money monsters. It will not only benefit kids, it will change the dynamics of your home life and the future of your children and your family.”

>cldoyel, Amazon Customer, Oct 2016<

tony“Her focus is on teaching young kids the value of saving and planning for the financial future. She is low key, not pushy, nor demeaning, speaking from the heart for the success of our youth. I highly recommend her. She has written a book about starting at an early age to teach kids the value of money and developing a gradual and systematic savings strategy, without pressure or constant oversight. This is something that all parents and grandparents should be advocates of and implement. She is one of the most enthralling and mesmerizing speakers we have had in months, and we allowed her to go over the time limit.

Five members bought her book and several ordered one, and she stayed over for more than a half hour to talk with several parents and grandparents. For our club that is rare that we did not “cut her off” and that our members stayed after the meeting.”

>Tony Goorchenko, Secretary of The Torrance Kiwanis Club, Oct 2016<

“Sunny approaches the issue of money by breaking it down in easy to teachable-mommy1understand concepts. Each of the 7 habits are written about in a way that not only will children gain knowledge and wisdom concerning money but adults will as well. I like that Sunny includes images and examples of what she uses for her boys within the chapters.”

> Ashley, Owner of Teachable Mommy, Nov 2016<

mom-plan“I have read a lot of finance books, both for adults and kids. Hands down, Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster by financial advisor Sunny Lee is my favorite!  What I love about this book is that Lee isn’t just teaching parents how to teach their kids financial responsibility; she’s also teaching parents how to motivate their children. I plan to go back through this book and set up a system for my kids. I’m really excited to try this! Even better, Lee has a website with the forms she uses online, which saves me some work.I highly recommend this to parents wanting to instill a good work ethic in their children AND a healthy respect for money. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.”

>Melissa, Owner of Mom’s Plan, Nov 2016<

“I really enjoyed this book. I finished it in one sitting, ’cause I couldn’t let it off my hands. It was funny, clever, pleasant and easy to read, yet it conveyed a great deal of empowering messages. I like to consider this book as a manual for strategies to raise children to be financially successful and to become the leaders of future generations. I admired Sunny’s consistent carrot-rewarding methods to motivate Jason and Mathew which is normally not easy to do and very rare in present society. The habitual patterns that Jason and Mathew are mastering and those who are following Sunny’s success strategies will be equipped with the incredible life time tools to create their promising futures. Sunny’s easy step by step methods will help any parents to guide their children to solidify successes in life. This book is a must to read.

Our society is desperately in need to supplement this level of education at home which are not available in a curriculum of elementary school system. This book reminds me of the phrase from the ancient Hawaiian teaching, “Think not all wisdom is in your school.” This book is direct, step by step and very easy to follow. I highly recommend this book for all parents, future parents and even all ages who’re obsessed with success in life because it contains numerous powerful subconscious messages for adults,too.”

>Edward H, Amazon Customer, Nov 2016<

“This is a great book for adults and children alike. It gives you are plan for  helping your children master the skills they will need to become money masters as adults. Ever wonder how to train a child up in the Lord? This is a great book to help you, help your children to establish strong skills, important discipline and habits that will last them their whole life. Give it as a gift to your adult children to help them raise your grandchildren. It is a winning tutorial from a parent’s perspective who has done it successfully with her own two boys.”

Guy Baker, PhD, MBA, MSFS, CFP <


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