Money Master Kids Smart Dog Bank

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Are you looking for a perfect money bank for your little children? Then, look no further!

Money Master Kids Smart Dog Bank can be a great way to teach your kids the importance of saving early. It is small, light and clear enough for your little children to play with and see the reality of what’s happening inside!

They can also understand cause and effect, “Doing your chores well causes your bank to fill.” And seeing their money increase FAST can inspire your children to keep going and become Money Master Kids in no time!

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Money Master Kids Smart Dog Bank

Make Saving Money Fun & Memorable for Your Children!


Young children can see their bank fill up FAST!
It’s clear and transparent to see what’s INSIDE.
It’s light for young children to play with.
Material: PP Plastic safe & unscented for little kids.
Money Bank Size: 10cm tall, 9cm wide and 7cm thick


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