Do you want your children to be Money Master Kids?
Do you want them to learn how to earn, save and manage money from a young age?
Do you want them to be financially responsible, money-savvy
and self-reliant leaders as early as possible?
Great! You are in the right place at the right time!
We will show you how!

Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison

Co-Owner of Bradley Communications

Packed with Solid Nuts and Bolts to Teach Kids Financial Responsibility

Sunny has such a passion for kids. This is just one of her many books about children. I am so impressed that everything she is about is quality and raising up kids who are strong and confident, so I really encourage you to check out her amazing work.

Patsie McCandless

Patsie McCandless

Author of Becoming Jesse

One Amazing Program for Parents of Every Socio-Economic Class

Parents, you can wisely follow Sunny’s lead to teach your own children to become Money Masters, as they knowledgeably learn to earn, save, invest and spend. Jump on board and help your children on their journey to financial security and money know-how: not as Monsters – but as Masters.


Tricia Bennett

Author of 52 Practices for Finding Love and Changing Your Life

It Helps Parents Structure Time to Spend With Children

“In today’s world, parents are very busy today and often we don’t take the time to spend with our children to work on the things that will give them the skill sets they will need for their lifetime. Sunny’s book and reward chart materials can help you to structure time in a way that really works and is productive for your children around the money management.”

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield

Co-Author of The Success Principles™ and Chicken Soup for the Soul®

It is a TOP 10 Children’s Finance Book Every Parent Must Read

I highly recommend this book. It is a Top 10 children’s finance book every parent must read. Get this book to help your children row up to be financially successful and responsible and to know how to earn, save, and invest money as well as contribute to others through their abundance of prosperity and financial success.


Tony Goorchenko

Secretary of The Torrance Kiwanis Club

All Parents And Grandparents Should Implement

Her focus is on teaching young kids the value of saving and planning for the financial future. I highly recommend her. She has written a book about starting at an early age to teach kids the value of money and developing a gradual and systematic savings strategy, without pressure or constant oversight. She is one of the most enthralling and mesmerizing speakers we have had in months, and we allowed her to go over the time limit.



Mom’s Plan

Hands Down, This Book Is My Favorite!

I have read a lot of finance books, both for adults and kids. Hands down, Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster by financial advisor Sunny Lee is my favorite!  What I love about this book is that Lee isn’t just teaching parents how to teach their kids financial responsibility; she’s also teaching parents how to motivate their children. I highly recommend this to parents wanting to instill a good work ethic in their children AND a healthy respect for money.


Guy Baker


This Is A Great Book For Adults And Children Alike

It gives you plan for helping your children master the skills they will need to become money masters as adults. Ever wonder how to train a child up in the Lord? This is a great book to help you, help your children to establish strong skills, important discipline and habits that will last them their whole life. Give it as a gift to your adult children to help them raise your grandchildren. It is a winning tutorial from a parent’s perspective who has done it successfully with her own two boys.