Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

This is a great website—very interesting and educational. Click ‘Learning Center’ and then go to ‘Money Museum’ on the top menu and explore!

This website is great too, because it has different categories for kids, teens, parents, and teachers. There’s a variety of fun vocational videos—from animal keeper to White House chef.

Kids Math Games

This website features a number of exciting, money-related games for kids, like Coffee Shop and Lemonade Stand. Click ‘Money’ on the dropdown menu.

The Mint.Org

We used this website a lot. It turned learning about finance into fun! The information is designed for different age groups—kids, teens, parents, and teachers and it teaches the basic concepts of earning, saving, spending, and giving very well.

Practical Money Skills for Life

This website is loaded with lots of practical information and tools you can utilize from day one, and it covers many areas of personal finance—from saving, education, and college all the way to retirement.

Secret Millionaires Club

On this website, your kids will actually meet the animated figure of Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men alive! In each episode, Warren mentors a group of business-minded kids to solve different financial challenges.

US Currency

If you want your children to know about US currency in great detail, this is the right place for you! My boys learned a lot about the history of US Currency here-basic things like how the various denominations of dollar bills look, and who is on each bill.


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