Money Masters Kids Downloads

Let’s put our young children on the path toward financial literacy, security and independence. Together we can raise educated, confident and motivated kids who make smart financial choices—a world of Money Master Kids!

Super Morning Stuff Allowance Chart 

Rewards have tremendous impacts that make your child feel recognized and appreciated. Use this project to create more ways to reward your children and celebrate their wins!

Super Morning Stuff Allowance Chart

Journey to Greatness Chart 

All of us—young or old—have seeds of greatness inside us.
Challenge your children to reach their greatness within through this project!

Journey to Greatness chart

100 Inspiring Quotes Chart 

We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think. Let’s help our children to think of themselves, their finance and life in a positive way!

100 Success Quote Chart

1 Year Spending Diary Chart 

In order for us to help our children to get their finances on track, they need to be able to keep track of where their money is going. This is a very simple tool to utilize!

1 Year Spending Diary Chart

Morning Stuff Allowance Chart 

Morning is the busiest and most important time of the day, and parents need to be supercharged and excited. Mornings don’t have to be a struggle any longer with this incentive-reward system that will create a win-win solution!

Morning Stuff Allowance Chart

Great Questions To Ask 

If we want a great answer, we need to ask a great question. Ask the questions that make our children think.  They will tell you the marvelous things! It can make you wonder where the ideas are from and how they know!

Great Questions to Ask


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