Money Master Kids Online Course

World's # 1 Financial Life Skills Education Program for Kids

What You’ll Learn

  • A healthy, positive Money Master mindset
  • The power of small yet inspiring rewards
  • How to form and reinforce good habits
  • Time management and self-discipline tips
  • How to help kids set and achieve goals
  • A step-by-step process of how to manage money
  • How to encourage children to work in excellence
  • How to teach children to save through chores
  • A Seven-Habit System for great financial success
  • Basic financial concepts like saving & budgeting

Course Content


  • People who have little prior knowledge about financial matters and those who don’t know everything about basic finance.
  • Parents who love their children, the only qualification you need to teach your kids of money.
  • Anyone willing to go through every module to gain a better understanding about money.
  • Parents who want to have someone walk them through how to help their children become Money Master Kids.


Do you want to teach your children about money and financial responsibility while they are young?

If that describes you, you are in the right place. By following the method in this online platform, you will be able to instill discipline and good habits in your kids’ early years and to take pride in their becoming Money Masters. Are you ready to begin this journey with me now? Let’s go!

What to expect

This course is packed with practical information that takes children from the basics to advanced tools and techniques. Assignments given at the end of every module offer demonstrable opportunities for children to use the concepts they have learned.

By successfully following this online course with your children, kids should be able to master seven habits.

Habit # 1: Develop A Money Master Mindset

Habit # 2: Start Saving Early

Habit # 3: Create Reminders, Routines and Rewards

Habit # 4: Set High Goals Through Expectations

Habit # 5: Learn Personal Finance By Playing

Habit # 6: Go Experience The Real World

Habit # 7: Give Back And Share The Love



Your kids should also be able to;

  • Understand what a Money Master mindset is.(Habit 1)
  • Understand that a healthy mindset about money produces a healthy financial future. (Habit 1)
  • Understand compound interest and save their money diligently. (Habit 2)
  • Perform basic banking tasks. (Habit 2)
  • Reward themselves by using a small portion of their earnings to buy things they desire. (Habit 3)
  •  Start each morning with a good attitude toward achieving rewards (Habit 3)
  • Learn time-management skills and self-discipline as well as good reading and writing skills. (Habit 3)
  • Understand that the way to achieve success is through setting and accomplishing high goals. (Habit 4)
  • Remain disciplined and track their progress for more rewards and recognition. (Habit 4)
  • Understand basic finance so they can use their money to help others. (Habit 5)
  • Find valuable internet resources they can use to learn even more about money matters (Habit 5)
  • Know to anticipate extra costs like sales taxes and add them to the price of a purchase. (Habit 6)
  • Understand basic financial concepts like saving, budgeting, investing and credit.(Habit 6)
  • Realize that money is important but isn’t the reason for life. Life is for living, loving and sharing well. (Habit 7)


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